Nov 27, 2015

A quick HUB08 LED Matrix Library & Graphics Library

I recently got an LED Matrix using the HUB08 protocol from ebay. Since none of the libraries I found on the internet worked for me, I wrote my one for the Arduino Uno, using hardware SPI. It also supports pwm brightness control and frame rates up to 2000 fps (32kHz line frequency, 16 lines). Yeah, that's fast, so the microcontoller can do other stuff in between (instead of really working with such ridiculous frame rates ;) ). The pins are hard coded into the library to achieve this speed. Please take a look at the example to understand how to connect the matrix and how to use it, it's pretty simple.
Link to github:

I also want to share another library with you, the Buffer Graphics Library. It features many optimized drawing functions (points, lines, rectangles, circles, bitmaps)  and buffer manipulation functions (scrolling, rotating, flipping, ...) and also works with the matrix library above quite nicely.
Link to github: