Jun 4, 2015

Simple Programming Adpter for Arduino Pro Mini

I ordered a bunch of these little Arduino Pro Mini Clones that just have anything to get started right away with your projects in need of a simple micro controller breakout. Sadly, they come with the standard Arduino bootloader which delays the programm start about 2 seconds everytime the board is powered up. So I wanted to update to optiboot, a great alternative to the original bootloader and also saves a few bytes flash. The standard way to do that is with an In-System-Programmer. The board hasn't got an ISP socket to reprogram it, so usually you just solder wires or pin headers to pins 11,12,13, RST, VCC and GND to hook it up to the programmer. However, I don't know what I want to do with most of the boards and it might be handy some time that there no bulky headers attached it. So I remembered those clip programming adapters and tried to built one with junk I had lying around: A peg, a piece of a zip tie, some regular PCB headers and hot glue. I had some doubts whether the contacts were good enough, but it worked surprisingly well!

- Marv